Monday, December 20, 2010

Wayne Root's Got the Winning EDGE

Las Vegas Oddsmaker Wayne Allyn Root, Dubbed by National Media "the King of Vegas," Offers his Expert Analysis and Commentary to Media for College Football Bowl Season & NFL Post Season

“Wayne's the king of sports handicappers…he's the Warren Buffett of his world.”
--James J. Cramer, CNBC Host of “Mad Money”

College Football Bowl Season is underway. Millions of American sports fans will be wagering billions of dollars on these 35 Post Season games. Then the NFL Post Season starts - and the betting there will dwarf the Bowl Season. Over $6 billion will be bet on just one game - the Super Bowl.

Your audience will want expert commentary and analysis on these games. They want to hear "what Vegas thinks."

One man stands out as "the Jimmy The Greek" of our generation. That could be because as a 27-year-old, he became Jimmy the Greek's television partner and co-host at CNBC (then called Financial News Network). The baton was handed off. "The Greek" was soon sent off into retirement and his young co-host became a star. Wayne Allyn Root is quite simply the most honored professional sports handicapper and Vegas oddsmaker in the world. He is the brand name of sports gaming - dubbed by the national media as “the King of Vegas,” “The Face of Las Vegas Gambling,” “America's Oddsmaker,” and “The Prince of Prognosticators." 

Wayne is the only oddsmaker or professional sports handicapper to ever be awarded his own star by the Las Vegas Walk of Stars (in front of New York New York Casino Resort). Over 3 million sports bettors have called Wayne for his advice - more than any sports handicapper in history. It is estimated that over $3 billion dollars per year is bet on Wayne's advice. But Wayne is much more than an oddsmaker; he is a CEO, best-selling author, and national media personality. Wayne makes over one thousand media appearances per year, appearing on Fox News, Fox Business, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, and hundreds of radio stations across the country to talk, debate and infuriate on the topics of politics, business and sports.

Now Wayne is available to talk NCAA Bowls, and NFL Post Season on your TV or radio station this Holiday Season. Wayne is dynamic, charismatic, colorful, controversial, fiery, outspoken, and telegenic. Your audience will love him or hate him - but no one will ever tune out! [Go to Wayne's site now...]

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