Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pursuing Liberty By Cory Emberson & Rick Lindstrom

America Through the Eyes of the Newly Free
By Cory Emberson & Rick Lindstrom

"Pursuing Liberty is a book that reminds us of the wisdom of our founders, and inspires us through the stories of our newest patriots."
--Brian Sussman, KSFO, San Francisco radio host, and author of Climategate

Consider how much America has changed since WWII. Gone is the universal pride most Americans felt about their unique legacy, now given way to a bitterly divided country whose citizens seem more interested in mutual political combat than focusing on our shared American exceptionalism. The latest news about Arizona''s immigration law, enacted out of sheer desperation, is just one example of the battle that rages on American soil to protect our sovereignty; not to mention the recent news of Russian spies, the infiltration of Jihadist camps and the enemy within -- members of al Qaeda and the Taliban living right in our own neighborhoods waiting to attack.

Sometimes it takes a different perspective to bring matters into sharp focus -- as in the case of a new book called Pursuing Liberty, which is an intimate portrait of those who have confronted despotism and tyranny firsthand, escaped it, and lived to tell the tale. Pursuing Liberty is a chronicle of their personal experiences, reminding us of the value of liberty, and the ongoing need to defend it at all costs. Talk radio across America has been covering this topic regularly for years- - the stories of legal immigrants who escaped tyranny for America, only to see their nightmare past of repression spreading to the so-called "land of the free."

Through first-person narratives from our newest naturalized Americans, Pursuing Liberty showcases the courage required to abandon one's ancestral home to seek the unique freedoms found only in America, and the rare insights of those who gave up everything in their own quests for liberty. They offer rare glimpses into and recollections of life under repression and illustrate clearly that the knowledge of the true face of tyranny can be our armor against it happening in America.

Pursuing Liberty was written for all Americans - young or old, left, right, or center, this book opens our eyes to the unique American experience that far too many of us take for granted. It is a valuable read for every American, with the November elections fast approaching on the horizon; this book will move voters to make the right choice for the good of our country.

What is the cost of freedom? To those who have fled oppression and tyranny, it's worth everything. These are the inspiring true-life experiences of our newest patriots - all escaped their former homes risking it all just for the chance to live a free life in America. They've come from Cuba, Venezuela, the former USSR, Vietnam, and other countries to make their dreams of freedom a reality. To hear the voices of the new immigrants warning us not to make the same mistakes their countries made is a wake-up call for all American citizens.

"When I look at the aspirations of American Progressives, I see nothing new or forward-looking. Instead, I see the same ideas that formed the basis of the USSR, which eventually suffered a complete economic collapse," says Svetlana Kunin, an immigrant from the Soviet Union. Polish immigrant Agnieszka Bernstein talks about life in a communist nation "dominated by alcohol and hunting for stuff in the stores ... basic things."

Is the American dream of opportunity, freedom, and exceptionalism turning into a nightmare? Pursuing Liberty contrasts the reality of living under oppressive regimes with America's unique and irreplaceable legacy: freedoms that may be lost entirely if America continues its downward slide. Is it too late to stem the rising tide of overzealous government? These legal immigrants know the answer.

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