Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SandyPundits Offers the BEST on Special Mass. Election!

The Counterrevolution Continues
By John M. O'Hara

More and more Americans are rejecting the empty rhetoric of hope and change and the government-knows-best philosophy of President Obama and his congressional allies. This response to the radical policies of this administration - embodied in the tea party movement - is what I refer to as a counterrevolution in A New American Tea Party. It is a gut reaction millions of Americans are having to the rapid expansion of the size and reach of government and the fiscal crash course our nation is on. These aren't Democrat and Republican issues - these are American issues. [more...]

The underlying factors behind the unexpectedly close race in MA are symptomatic of a larger dissatisfaction with the president's radical agenda. According to a recent Washington Post poll, 58% of Americans favor LESS government. This stands in sharp contrast to the "government knows best' mentality propagated by the Obama administration.

Massachusetts voters have had a taste of "universal" health care. The result? Long waits and higher prices. It is no surprise that they oppose their own plan and exporting such a flawed policy to the rest of the nation. Thirty-six percent of MA residents call the plan a failure. A mere 26% of likely Massachusetts voters approve of the president's flagship health care plan dubbed ObamaCare. Only 48% approve of his job rating - this in a state that he won handily.

When the folks back in my home state of Massachusetts - and believe me these aren't "right-wing radicals" - think the government is overstepping its bounds it is time for President Obama and Democrats in Washington to make a major course correction.

Today on Drudge: The Winner Takes It All! Poll: Brown Up By 9

"You're seeing the Tea Party movement and the center-right movement rally behind him as a practical matter to hopefully derail Obamacare," said John M. O'Hara of Chicago, a Needham native who has written a book about the Tea Party protests. "It's a shot over the bow of incumbents on both sides and a real signal coming into the 2010 election." [more...]

Political Predictions of GOP Victory
By Wayne Allyn Root

It was only a few weeks ago that I predicted that Democrats would pass universal healthcare without a so-called "public option." It was only a few days ago that I predicted that President Obama never intended to tax high value health insurance plans that belong to union members. But here's my most important prediction of all - Obama and the Democrats are about to be swept out of office in the biggest Tea Party revolt since 1776. As a matter of fact, my gut instinct tells me Massachusetts Republican U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown will pull one of the most shocking political upsets in history on Tuesday. Mark it down... whether Brown wins, or simply comes close, the Tea Party political revolution began in Massachusetts just like the first one in 1776. The only thing standing in the way of this "mother of all upsets" is Obama and his corrupt Massachusetts labor union buddies bringing thousands of dead bodies to the polls on Tuesday. [more...]

Dems' Health Care Strategy: Seek Forgiveness Instead of Permission
By Kyle Olson

Democrats and their special interest allies are in the fight of their lives to keep the seat formerly held by the champion of socialized medicine in the bluest of states. Democrats should be tap dancing on the foreheads of Republicans in Massachusetts. But instead, they're racing against the clock for a deal on health care reform because they run the risk of losing their critical 60th vote in just a few days. So the Democrats strategy is clear: seek forgiveness of American voters in November instead of permission now because they're likely fearing the message from Tuesday's election will equal not granting permission. The special election this week in Massachusetts can easily be viewed as a referendum on Obama, his policies and specifically government-run health care. And in a state that is navy blue, it's a dogfight, with SEIU stepping in to plop down over $600,000 for TV ads savaging Republican candidate Scott Brown. [more...]

The Obama Revolutions Ends This Week
By John LeBoutillier

Tuesday night, the GOP and the Tea Party will elect conservative Republican Scott Brown by four points over yet another stupid, dumb, out-of-touch, ignorant Democrat - Curt Schilling a Yankee fan? - to fill John F. and Teddy Kennedy's Senate seat, which had been in the hands of the Kennedys since 1952. Ironically, the next day - Wednesday January 20 - is the first anniversary of Barack Obama's inauguration. So, one year to the day of the arrival in D.C. of The One, he will effectively be a lame duck president. His Obama Revolution will be finished. The Democratic strangle-hold on D.C. power will be shattered. The upcoming November mid-term elections will be a Democratic blood bath. [more...]

ACORN Hearts Coakley
By Joy Tiz

Democrats have outdone themselves finding a candidate to run for what they honestly believe is Ted Kennedy's (D-Hades) senate seat. Candidate Martha Coakley, a woman described by Ann Coulter as "too immoral" for Kennedy's overused seat has earned the coveted ACORN endorsement. While anyone with a scintilla of common sense would loudly reject an endorsement from the ACORN band of thugs, Coakely was "honored" by the high praise from fellow corruptocrats. The good people of the state of Massachusetts should be outraged. The Democrat Party, in its supreme arrogance, is trying to vex the citizens with an altogether wretched candidate. They don't care about her incompetence and corruption; those have become resume enhancers in the Democrat Party. What they care about is holding onto power. So great is the democrat hubris that the party machine smugly assumes they can win with, even with a candidate as bottom rung as Martha Coakley. The gruesome facts about Martha Coakely are available for all to see. If the people of Massachusetts allow themselves to be abused by the Democrat Party, they can't say they weren't warned. [more...]

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