Sunday, November 16, 2008

'Born Liberal Raised Right' By Reb Bradley

Reb Bradley's controversial new book, Born Liberal Raised Right: How to Rescue America from Moral Decline - One Family at a Time, offers very controversial ideas on liberalism. The timing of its release by WND Books is perfect - post-election as Americans, especially conservatives, are trying so hard to regroup and get back to their original values and beliefs. Reb believes too many conservative parents are raising liberal kids!

Reb shows why conservatives must help their children mature past their infantile liberal stage or watch our country continue to pay the price. Societal pressures and foolish child-rearing theories gone mainstream are preventing parents from acting like parents. As a result, we’re failing to develop in our children the key ingredients of maturity - self-control and self-discipline. Unless corrected at a young age, too many kids will become adults ruled purely by magical thinking, passions, emotions, instant gratification and an inability to say “no” to themselves - the very hallmarks of the liberal mindset. But there is an answer!

Inside Born Liberal Raised Right parents will learn why the behavioral characteristics that exemplify liberalism are the “default position” in young children; and why the concepts of self-control and self-discipline must be taught early and often, in contradiction to the true nature of most children. It’s up to parents to turn their tiny tyrants into good citizens by helping their children overcome their “inner liberal.” In this timely book, Reb Bradley shows why our nation’s future depends on it. More on Reb... Watch Reb Bradley on the G. Gordon Liddy Show as filmed by C-SPAN's Book TV.

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