Friday, August 1, 2008 Records Banner Month of July

Thanks so much to all our wonderful clients who worked so hard doing interviews day and night during the month of July, proving once again that radio is the greatest and most powerful media tool on the planet! Because of them, had the most successful month to date! And we'd like to thank Talkers Magazine for the wonderful article and the inspiration, guidance and support that helped make our success possible!

Here's what happened: Former radio talk show host and writer extraordinaire, Paul Alexander, generated renewed interest in his rewrite of Man of the People - his wonderful biography of John McCain - and became a radio star and political pundit-anew in the process. In a little over two weeks, we booked him on 55 radio shows and 2 TV shows, on satellite, live talk shows, taped interviews and more - in major markets, New York City, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Houston, Atlanta... to the wonderful talkers in the grassroots of America... where he got more than rave reviews.

Brigitte Gabriel was vacationing most of the month, yet still managed to squeeze in 6 radio interviews and a nice spot on FNC's 'Your World w/Neil Cavuto.' We booked Frank Gaffney, Jr. from the Center for Security Policy on 17 radio shows - including satellite, nationals, major markets New York and Atlanta, and he appeared on Fox Business Network's 'Happy Hour' as well as Fox News Channel's 'Happening Now' to promote - the hilarious video that has become America's Humorous Antidote to Fuming at the Gas Pump.'s newest client, Bill Glynn, is our latest rising radio star to emerge from the South where, in just 2 weeks, he managed to grant interviews to 17 lucky hosts who have all asked him to return to charm the audiences with his unique brand of RANT on the latest economic news (and woes) in America. Watch out for this guy! He's a whippersnapper!

Roger Hedgecock, popular radio talk show host and exclusive commentator for WorldNetDaily, returned to add to his already overflowing schedule with 15 radio interviews and 2 TV shows covering his topics of expertise: illegal immigration, the War on Terror and healthcare - all outlined in his wonderful series of Field Guides now available at

Authors and expert commentators at Family Security Matters wowed radio audiences all month long, educating America about the very real dangers we face on the homefront and abroad - from Joel Himelfarb, Cliff Kincaid, Harvey Kushner, KT McFarland, Adrian Morgan in London, Dr. Pham and Carol Taber, FSM's President. They managed to do almost 40 radio interviews and 2 TV shows: KT on FNC's The Live Desk and KT on FNC's Studio B.'s tried and true favorites, Libertarian Party VP Nominee, Wayne Allyn Root was hot on the campaign and radio trail promoting his candidacy with Bob Barr ... and our good friend, Fmr. Congressman John LeBoutillier's blog is as popular as ever - the radio audiences are still loving him after all these years! John will be a regular on Imus in the Morning Friday mornings at 8:05am ET. Listen for him on the ABC Radio Networks.

Last, but not least, Dick Morris wound up his whirlwind Fleeced book tour - having completed approximately 200 radio and TV interviews since June 23rd. We wish him a speedy recovery!! (He's still calling Sandy his 'favourite sadist!') You'll want to watch his speech, which we arranged for C-SPAN's Book-TV to film. Go Here for photos of the event and other Dick Morris photos... Go here to watch the video. To see Dick on TV, Go Here.

Now you'll understand if Sandy doesn't answer her phone this weekend! ;-)

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