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Ruling Ideas By David Horowitz

The Black Book of the American Left
Volume IX: Ruling Ideas
By David Horowitz

New York Times best-selling author David Horowitz's new book is Ruling Ideas, Volume IX of The Black Book of the American Left, a multi-volume collection of his conservative writings that is the most ambitious effort ever undertaken to define the Left and its agenda. The Black Book of the American Left collects all of Horowitz's writings over the last thirty years - at once a sharp incision to the heart of the Left's agenda; an exploration of routes conservatives might take in response to its permanent assault on America's values and power; and a unique trip log showing the evolving intellectual journey of one of our bravest and most original thinkers.

The previous eight volumes have explored the battlegrounds - the university, racial relations, popular culture, etc. - where the left attempts to "radically transform" America. This ninth and final volume of The Black Book of the American Left is a summary look at the ideas in the bone marrow of the left, the ideas that give it momentum and make this war against America a forever war.

Chief among them is the notion that “equality” must be created by any means necessary. But because disparities and disproportions of talent, intelligence and physical ability are so intrinsic and so basic to the entire human enterprise, creating “equality” requires the violence of social engineering, which is why the utopias of the Left always turn out to be killing fields. The demands for “social justice” by today’s progressives are another version of the demands for equality by yesterday’s Marxist Leninists. Both produce the destruction of human freedom.

Horowitz’s understanding that the agenda of the Left is to wage war against freedom - especially the freedom of individuals to resist its social redeemers and their malign plans - is what led David Horowitz to devote the last forty years of his life - and all nine volumes of The Black Book of the American Left - to opposing this destructive cause.

In Ruling Ideas, you will learn about:

·     The fate of the Marxist idea
·     Slavery and the modern reparations movement
·     America’s second Civil War, “People of Color” and Black Lives Matter
·     Identity politics - the antithesis of the American idea
·     The irrational treatment of President Trump by the Democrats
·     David’s relationship with Christopher Hitchens

We encourage our readers to visit BlackBookOfTheAmericanLeft.com, which features Horowitz’s introductions to Volumes 1-8 of this 10-volume series, along with their tables of contents, reviews and interviews with the author. (Order HERE.) 

About the Author: David Horowitz is the bestselling author of numerous books including Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America (2017), Unholy Alliance (2004), The Party of Defeat (2008) and Take No Prisoners: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left (2014). David is the founder and chairman of the David Horowitz Freedom Center which is dedicated to the defense of free societies whose moral, cultural and economic foundations are under attack by enemies both secular and religious, at home and abroad.

Monday, April 2, 2018

The Trump White House By Ronald Kessler

The Trump White House
Changing the Rules of the Game
Includes an Exclusive Interview with President Trump

By New York Times Best-selling Author Ronald Kessler

The Unvarnished and Unbiased Inside Story of President Donald Trump and His White House

Based on exclusive interviews with President Trump and his staff, THE TRUMP WHITE HOUSE: Changing the Rules of the Game, by Ronald Kessler, tells the real story of what Donald Trump is like, who influences him, how he makes decisions, what he says about the people around him, and how he operates when the television lights go off, while portraying the inside story of the successes that have already brought solid results as well as the stumbles that have turned off even longtime supporters and undercut his agenda.

THE TRUMP WHITE HOUSE is the book Trump's fans have been waiting for. The book is unique because it is the only overall favorable book on Trump and his presidency. At the same time, the book is an honest journalistic effort with negative items and inside tidbits that will keep both sides turning the pages.


  • Trump aides Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner have been responsible for Trump’s most disastrous decisions. Trump is aware that his daughter and son-in-law are problems and has hinted to them that they should go back to New York. Seeing Jared on TV, Trump said, “Look at Jared, he looks like a little boy, like a child.”
  • First Lady Melania Trump has a tremendous impact on policy and strategy. She sits in on meetings and is widely admired by aides for her judgment. Trump’s butler attested that “Melania rules the roost.”
  • Kellyanne Conway is the number one White House leaker.
  • Trump’s Secret Service director Randolph “Tex” Alles proposed withdrawing protection from some family members and aides to save money. Horrified White House staffers shot down the idea.
  • Trump has told friends that billionaires are constantly asking him to fix them up with longtime Communications Director Hope Hicks, a former model, but he says he refuses.
  • Trump calls certain reporters directly, feeding them stories attributed to “a senior White House official,” creating the impression that the White House leaks even more than it already does.

Never before has an American president had so much impact on the country and the world in so short a time as Donald Trump. Yet no president has stirred so much controversy, dominating media coverage and conversation both pro and con. Yet for all the media coverage, Trump remains a cipher.

Months after Trump took office, consumer confidence hit a seventeen-year high, unemployment plummeted to the lowest level in seventeen years, and the stock market zoomed to repeated record highs.

At the same time, ISIS was nearly defeated, Arab countries banded together to stop financing terrorists and promoting radical Islamic ideology, and Trump’s decision to send missiles into Syria because of its use of chemical weapons and his strident warnings to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made it clear to adversaries that they take on the United States at their peril.

Ronald Kessler has known Trump and First Lady Melania Trump for two decades and understands him better than any other journalist. The book includes an exclusive interview with The President - the only interview he says he has given or will give for a book as president.

Complete with color photographs, THE TRUMP WHITE HOUSE is filled with anecdotes that flesh out the human being that is Donald Trump: his generosity, his tirades, his contrition... as he displays the tough, rough exterior and hides his soft emotional side. Crammed with media-grabbing revelations, THE TRUMP WHITE HOUSE is the inside story that answers the question: Who is Donald Trump?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: RONALD KESSLER is the New York Times bestselling author of The First Family Detail, The Secrets of the FBI, In the President’s Secret Service, and The CIA at War. A former Wall Street Journal and Washington Post investigative reporter, Kessler has won eighteen journalism awards, including two George Polk Awards - one for national reporting and one for community service. He was named a Washingtonian of the Year by Washingtonian magazine. 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Killing the Deep State by Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.

NY Times Bestseller Jerome Corsi
Reveals the Secret Plan to Destroy Trump

“The Deep State will not care if Trump is removed from office by impeaching him, declaring him mentally incompetent, or in the final resort, by assassinating him, as long as he is removed from office before the completion of his first term.” -- Jerome Corsi, “Killing the Deep State”

Humanix Books is proud to present Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump, an extraordinary expose by bestselling writer Jerome Corsi that shatters the myth of who really controls the United States of America.

No, it’s not President Donald Trump and it’s not the Senate or the House. Rather, America is under the leadership of the Deep State, a shadowy cabal of government employees who diabolically influence policy without regard to the elected leadership. Secretly operating behind the curtain of “national security” in Washington, D.C., the Deep State is getting stronger by the day and every American should be terrified of it.

In Killing the Deep State, Corsi unmasks the powerful players who pull the real strings in Washington. Corsi, author of the New York Times bestsellers “The Obama Nation” and “Unfit for Command,” takes no prisoners as he rips the veil off the Deep State and the powerful agencies behind them - the FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA, and the Federal Reserve. And he reveals clearly and precisely how no government agency, department or official inside Washington - including the president - is immune from its powerful grip.

In Killing the Deep State, Corsi lays it all out - from alarming evidence that the FBI planned to take out Trump, to a plan that will help the commander-in-chief and his allies stop, expose and destroy this dangerous shadow government. As Corsi reveals, the effort to destroy the Trump presidency was well underway in the weeks before the momentous 2016 election – with one senior FBI official describing it as an “insurance” policy just in case he won. 

Among the incredible revelations in Killing the Deep State are:

  • “The Smoking Gun” – irrefutable digital evidence of “the amount of anti-Trump hatred at the leadership of the FBI and DOJ during the election and afterward.”
  • The explosive $675,000 money trail that leads from the Democratic Party to the top levels of the FBI.
  • Barack Obama’s ties to the Deep State and how he continues to “pull strings” and orchestrate efforts to undermine President Trump at every turn.
  • How Deep State operatives turned FBI director James Comey’s firing and the Robert Mueller probe into a Trump hunting expedition “with virtually unlimited scope, unlimited completion deadline, and unlimited funding.”
  • How the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee-funded Fusion GPS Trump Dossier came about.
  • Bombshell evidence that the Russians were not involved in accessing the e-mails of John Podesta, chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.
  • The real truth about “Russian collusion” - irrefutable proof that the real collusion in the Russia’s meddling into the 2016 presidential election involved Democrats.
  • The identity of the U.S.-based terror group spearheading anti-Trump efforts – an evil group that equates law enforcement with fascism and racism - yet is championed by the mainstream media.
  • Which mainstream media outlet published formal “standards” equating conservatism with racism and white supremacy.

In Killing the Deep State, Corsi offers proof that the FBI has now taken the lead to stop Trump once and for all. But there is a way out - a way to defeat the hard-leftists at their own game. Corsi also warns that the effort to stop and remove Trump has been well underway. He shows how Trump is outnumbered and outgunned with the help of liberal billionaires like George Soros. Still, Corsi says Trump can vanquish the Deep State and his most virulent opponents including the #NeverTrumpers once and for all.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jerome R. Corsi received a Ph.D. from Harvard University in Political Science in 1972. He is an investigative journalist and senior staff writer for several conservative websites. Corsi is the author of six New York Times bestsellers including the #1 bestsellers Unfit for Command and The Obama Nation. He has been a frequent guest on major networks, including Fox News, Newsmax, and CNN. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

The False Promise of Single-Payer Health Care By Sally C. Pipes

In The False Promise of Single-Payer Health Care, Sally C. Pipes, President and CEO of the Pacific Research Institute, makes the case against single-payer by offering evidence of its devastating effects on patients in Canada, the United Kingdom, and even the United States. Long wait times, substandard care, lack of access to innovative treatments, huge public outlays, and spiraling costs are endemic to single-payer. Those are hardly outcomes we should consider foisting upon the American health care system.

Analysts believe a government takeover of the U.S. health care system has never looked more plausible. Support for the idea is at an all-time high, according to Gallup. Two-thirds of Democratic voters favor “single-payer” health care; even one in four Republicans is on board. But let’s take a look at the United Kingdom's single-payer system, for instance, which is in appalling turmoil. Most would agree that it would be foolish to import that failed model.

In this booklet, you’ll learn:

·     What “single-payer” really means;
·     That if single-payer were to take hold in the U.S., private insurance coverage would be outlawed;
·     That 160 million people - roughly half the population - would lose their private coverage;
·     About the single-payer nightmare in the UK and Canada;
·     That the supposedly “free” care offered by countries like Canada comes at an extremely high cost;
·     About “illegal” private clinics in Canada which perform 60,000 surgeries per year on patients who choose to pay for their own care; and
·     That the Canadian single-payer system doesn’t cover dental care, vision care, long-term care, or prescription drugs.

The UK’s NHS (National Health Service) has rationed care for decades. But wait times and delays have gotten markedly worse in recent months. The NHS recently canceled 55,000 non-urgent operations in order to cope with heightened demand during the winter flu season. Some hospitals have also cancelled urgent procedures for patients with conditions like cancer and heart disease. Last month, nearly 15 percent of emergency-room patients had to wait more than four hours to be seen by a physician.

Furthermore, in 2017, the NHS announced that anyone who was overweight or a smoker would be denied nonurgent surgery - rationing, pure and simple. Other recent policies required patients to be in varying degrees of pain, while some clinical commissioning groups had imposed bans on surgery for several months to save money.

To call this situation "universal healthcare," as single-payer defenders always do, is simply absurd. No amount of money can fix a system in which government bureaucrats, and not markets, determine how to distribute healthcare resources. And Canada and the UK aren’t outliers; whenever governments try to overrule the laws of supply and demand, the results are rationing, shortages, and runaway costs.

About the Author: Sally C. Pipes is president and CEO of the Pacific Research Institute, a San Francisco-based think tank, and the Thomas W. Smith Fellow in Health Care Policy at PRI. She is the author of The Way Out of ObamacareThe Cure for Obamacare; The Pipes Plan; and The Truth About Obamacare. Ms. Pipes also writes bi-weekly columns for Forbes.com and Investor’s Business Daily, and blogs for the Washington Examiner.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

MORE Great News for America By Dr. Gerard Lameiro

The Dawning of the New Conservative Era

By Dr. Gerard Lameiro

There’s MORE Great News for America coming - according to Dr. Gerard Lameiro, who has been called by radio and TV hosts across the country “America’s #1 Political Analyst” and the “Nostradamus of Political Elections.” Many will recall that in 2016 Dr. Lameiro accurately predicted in his prescient 2016 book, “Great News for America” a Trump victory while most pollsters and pundits gave Trump almost zero chance of winning the presidential election. In his Electoral College forecast, Dr. Lameiro correctly predicted every state that candidate Trump actually carried in the 2016 election. On November 8th, we all learned that Dr. Lameiro’s Electoral College forecast was right on the money.

Now comes the follow-up to his brilliant “Great News for America” - the highly anticipated MORE Great News for America, Dr. Lameiro’s enthusiastic, energetic, and optimistic vision for America. While Democratic politicians, the old mainstream media, and left-wing activists relentlessly attack President Trump and attempt to block his agenda, Dr. Lameiro rises above typical political pundits and talking heads to tap in to the pulse of everyday Americans; he explains their concerns and the solutions they are seeking from their government.

MORE Great News for America...
·     explains why the polls in 2016 were wrong and why presidential approval ratings and other polls are still wrong today;
·     predicts the end (the complete shutdown!) of the Democratic Party in the near future;
·     predicts the split of the Republican Party into two parties – the Conservative Party and the Republican Progressive Party; and
·     predicts the coming of an era of conservative enlightenment that includes four big religious and cultural trends in America:
·     Return to faith in God
·     Renaissance of reason
·     Restoration of education
·     Rebirth of morality, freedom, peace and prosperity

According to Dr. Lameiro, it’s an exciting and hope-filled time to be alive. Rather than lamenting dismal times ahead as many pundits do, he argues persuasively that America has entered a new conservative era. He predicts that there will be a rebirth of morality in government; that we will see a return to more individual freedom; that we will witness peace with other nations as well as peace within America, resulting in a level of economic prosperity greater than ever before seen in the history of the world.

MORE Great News for America brings us up to date on where America stands using Dr. Lameiro’s long-range presidential election models to include his latest dynamic electoral models. And his ever-growing radio audience appreciates that Dr. Lameiro avoids the jargon of specialists, preferring to speak in direct, straight-forward, and commonsense language.

In his previous book, “Great News for America,” Dr. Lameiro made ten bold and surprising predictions - nine of which have already come to pass. Building on his solid track record, in MORE Great News for America, he makes eight new, powerful predictions that will no doubt shock many readers and experts alike, which include some stunning revelations about the political parties and their future viability; the actual upcoming Congressional elections; the makeup of the new House of Representatives and Senate; and the outcome of the Trump agenda. He also looks ahead to the upcoming 2020 presidential election with an early forecast that might surprise many people who follow the conventional wisdom.

MORE Great News for America answers the compelling questions about why the polls that predicted Hillary Clinton’s win were so wrong and misleading in the 2016 presidential election, and why Dr. Lameiro’s models, trends, predictions, and forecasts were so accurate. Fortunately for readers, the answers are plain and simple and don’t require rocket science to explain or to understand.

About the Author: Gerard Lameiro, Ph.D. is an author, political analyst, and expert on forecast models. He is the author of five books and is a popular TV and Talk Radio show guest that does up to about 500 media interviews a year. Dr. Lameiro has worked on many political campaigns in various roles, including Ronald Reagan’s 1976 and 1980 presidential election campaigns. Dr. Lameiro was a member of the 1980 Presidential Electoral College and personally cast one electoral vote for Ronald Reagan for President of the United States of America.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Foreword by Michael Novak

New Book Examines Pope Francis’s Embrace of Government to Alleviate Poverty, Protect the Environment, and Create a More Caring World
In his 2015 encyclical, Pope Francis called for an open dialogue about poverty and the destiny of what he calls “our common home.” This invitation is the inspiration for the new Independent Institute book, Pope Francis and the Caring Society, edited by Robert M. Whaples. In the deluge of books by and about Pope Francis, we finally have a careful and reliable discussion about many hot topics by renowned experts in religion, history, economics, and related fields. With a foreword by the late Catholic scholar Michael Novak, this book respectfully examines the Pope’s views on poverty, charity and the environment from the intersection of theologians, economists, and environmentalists. 
In this book, you’ll learn that:
  • Friends of human well-being, market-based enterprise, and civil society have a grand opportunity to address widespread misconceptions about the economy, the environment, and charity, thanks to Pope Francis’s call for a worldwide dialogue on these subjects.
  • Allaying Pope Francis’s worries, world poverty is not rising but falling. 
  • Contrary to Pope Francis’s suggestion that capitalism is “the economy of exclusion,” private charitable giving is strongest when economic freedom and private-property rights are strong.
  • Pope Francis links what he calls “the environmental crisis” to the market economy, but most environmental problems result from the “tragedy of the commons” created by governments’ failure to embrace and uphold a key pillar of the market economy that fosters free markets: private-property rights.
  • Pope Francis does not merely offer caution regarding potential pitfalls of the market economy as his recent predecessors did - sometimes he rings the alarm.
  • As Pope Francis and the Caring Society demonstrates, intellectual dialogue need not be discourteous (or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, fawning).
What does one of the most popular Popes in modern history have to say to us about poverty, the environment, and family issues? Does what he says line up with traditional Christian teachings and the social and economic record?
The book’s editor, Independent Institute Research Fellow and Wake Forest University economics professor Robert M. Whaples, says, “There is a clear need for dialogue between Pope Francis and economists because the Pope and many in the economics profession do not see eye to eye at a fundamental level on many issues.”
This fascinating and informative volume belongs in the hands of anyone interested in creating a better, more caring, and prosperous world. It provides an essential historical and cultural context for considering Francis’s views, along with non-bureaucratic solutions for environmental protection, a defense of Francis’s criticism of power and privilege, and the case for market-based entrepreneurship and private charity as essential for fighting poverty and creating human flourishing.
About the Editor: ROBERT M. WHAPLES is a research fellow at the Independent Institute, co-editor and managing editor for The Independent Review, professor of economics at Wake Forest University, and book review editor and former director for EH.Net. He received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Pennsylvania. Professor Whaples is the recipient of both the Allen Nevins Prize and Jonathan Hughes Prize for Excellence in Teaching Economic History from the Economic History Association. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

When Harry Became Sally By Ryan T. Anderson, PhD

Responding to the Transgender Moment
The transgender movement has hit breakneck speed. In the space of a year, it’s gone from something that most Americans had never heard of to a cause claiming the mantle of civil rights. Can a boy truly be “trapped” in a girl’s body? Can modern medicine really “reassign” sex? What is the loving response to a child experiencing a gender-identity conflict?
In his new book, When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment, Ryan T. Anderson, PhD offers a balanced approach to the policy issues, a nuanced vision of human embodiment, and a sober and honest survey of the human costs of getting human nature wrong. He draws on the best insights from the fields of biology, psychology and philosophy to explore the many contradictions at the heart of the transgender movement.
Anderson reveals a grim contrast between the media’s sunny depiction and the often sad realities of gender-identity struggles. He introduces readers to people who tried to “transition” but found themselves no better off. Especially troubling is the suffering felt by adults who were encouraged to transition as children but later came to regret it.
In When Harry Became Sally, you’ll learn:
·     the many reasons that many regret making the transition;
·     that the most helpful therapies focus not on achieving the impossible - changing bodies to conform to thoughts and feelings - but on helping people accept and even embrace the truth about their bodies and reality;
·     how an ideological school counselor might try to steer a child - unbeknownst to the parents;
·     that the best evidence shows the vast majority of children naturally grow out of any gender-conflicted phase;
·     how new school policies might affect children indoctrinated to believe that they really are trapped in the “wrong” body; and
·     that 41 percent of people who identify as transgender attempt suicide at some point in their lives, and people who have had transition surgery are 19 times more likely than average to die by suicide.
Analyzing education and employment policies, Obama-era bathroom and locker-room mandates, politically correct speech codes and religious-freedom violations, Anderson shows how the law is being used to coerce and penalize those who believe the truth about human nature. And he shows how Americans can begin to push back with principle, prudence and grace.
When Harry Became Sally is a compassionate, honest and thought-provoking commentary on the often-misrepresented concept of transitioning, the impact of the transgender movement on American society as a whole, and the costs to individuals when we get the realities of human nature wrong. Anderson believes we should be tolerant and, indeed, loving toward those who struggle with their gender identity, but we should also be aware of the harm done to the common good, particularly to children, when transgender identity is normalized. He warns that activists are not merely asking for tolerance or kindness; they are demanding affirmation, not just from adults but from children and adolescents who are already challenged by the normal process of sexual development.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ryan T. Anderson, PhD graduated with honors from Princeton University and the University of Notre Dame. He is the William E. Simon Senior Research Fellow in American Principles and Public Policy at The Heritage Foundation. Anderson’s research has been cited by two U.S. Supreme Court justices in two Supreme Court cases. His writings have appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, the Harvard Health Policy Review, the Weekly Standard, and National Review. Anderson has appeared on ABC, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, and the Fox News Channel.
Watch Ryan T. Anderson on CBN News

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Burn the Business Plan By Carl Schramm

What Great Entrepreneurs Really Do

By Carl Schramm

At the dawning of the era of Trump, new businesses are finally starting to feel the relief from crippling regulations and getting the boost they’ve needed to encourage entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and/or reinvigorate existing businesses. But it’s a whole new world which requires a whole new roadmap toward success. With BURN THE BUSINESS PLAN: What Great Entrepreneurs Really Do, bestselling author and economist, Carl Schramm, applies his decades of experience in the world of entrepreneurship to offer a myth-busting guide packed with tools and techniques to launch any business. Illustrated with stories of real entrepreneurs who started successful businesses, he debunks some of the most commonly held beliefs surrounding startups and business development - starting with the supposed importance of a business plan.

Business schools teach that the most important prerequisite for starting a business is a business plan. Nonsense, says Carl Schramm in BURN THE BUSINESS PLAN, who for a decade headed the most important foundation devoted to entrepreneurship in this country. Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, and hundreds of smaller, lesser known companies all achieved success long before they had business plans.

According to Schramm, entrepreneurship has been misrepresented and glamorized by business books, university and MBA courses, and the media. Much of the advice they offer today is about how to be the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg; and while their stories make fascinating reading, their narratives hold few actionable lessons for the more than ninety-five percent of entrepreneurs who are not tech-wizards and who want to start a construction business, manufacture innovative building materials, or develop a franchise. BURN THE BUSINESS PLAN offers lessons that apply to all budding entrepreneurs, including:

·     Why you don’t need a business plan: Many of today’s most successful businesses launched without formal business plans. It’s more important for entrepreneurs to be flexible. Schramm says, “Business is simply too fluid; unpredictable markets set the direction of companies for established giants and small startups alike, not the other way around. Entrepreneurs must learn to dance to the market’s ever-changing tempo and rhythm.”
·     Why you don’t need to be a “kid genius”: It’s a widespread belief that all entrepreneurs are young Silicon Valley software prodigies. But in fact, the average entrepreneur is thirty-nine years old and has worked in corporate America for at least a decade, which is a great advantage. The success rate of entrepreneurs over age forty is five times higher than those under thirty.
·     Why you should work in the corporate world: Schramm argues that people with work experience in the corporate world have several advantages as entrepreneurs. They often have important contacts in the business world who may become customers for their new service or product, and they also have the opportunity to strategize with knowledgeable colleagues and get valuable business advice.

Just in time for those who have resolved to launch a new business in 2018, BURN THE BUSINESS PLAN lays out a motivating path to true success. It dispels the costly, misleading startup myths and offers practical, real-world advice on how to avoid common mistakes, showing what you need to do to put your enterprise on track for success. Schramm believes knowledge, passion, determination, and a willingness to experiment and innovate are far more valuable than financial skill.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, age 40 is the new 20...and always has been