Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Life is Winning By Marjorie Dannenfelser



Inside the Fight for Unborn Children and Their Mothers

By Marjorie Dannenfelser

President of Susan B. Anthony List

National Co-Chair of the Pro-Life Voices for Trump Coalition

With an Introduction by Vice President Mike Pence

and Foreword by Sarah Huckabee Sanders

In her new book, Life is Winning: Inside the Fight for Unborn Children and Their Mothers, Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of Susan B. Anthony List and leading architect of the pro-life strategy that helped propel then-candidate Donald Trump to his stunning victory in 2016, gives inside perspective on how her own pro-life conversion – and the President's – resembles the national sea change happening today, and why the end of abortion and restoration of life in America is closer than ever before.

Life is Winning gives readers an inside look at:

·    How the pro-life cause went from an orphaned political "problem" to a winning issue embraced at the highest levels of the Republican Party;

·    The small-but-ambitious group of pro-life women who took on Washington's consultant class and built a multimillion-dollar campaign and lobbying powerhouse with more than 900,000 grassroots members nationwide;

·    How the debate over partial-birth abortion flipped the script by unmasking the extremes contained in a lawmaker's endorsement of a woman's right to "choose"; and

·    How the Left's unspeakably cruel, hollow, and out of date rhetoric about "choice" and "women's bodies" was exposed with the passage of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

Ahead of the pivotal 2020 elections, momentum is building across America to revisit the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that struck down laws protecting unborn children and their mothers nationwide. As Sarah Huckabee Sanders writes in the foreword, "The test of any civilization is how it treats the least among us, and defending life is what makes America special." Life is Winning makes the case that the pro-life movement in America has never been stronger and provides lessons for all conservatives on how to build coalitions that win elections and change national policy.

"It has never been more critical for each of us to continue to stand up and speak out... this important book will encourage and inspire."

––Vice President Mike Pence

"Life is Winning proves that we don't have to compromise our pro-life principles or stay silent about the things that matter most."

––Former White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Marjorie Dannenfelser is president of Susan B. Anthony List, a national pro-life group with a mission of ending abortion by electing leaders and advocating for laws that save lives. Dannenfelser has been profiled in The New York Times, The New Yorker, and The Washington Post, among others. She was named one of Politico Magazine's Top 50 Influencers and is counted among The Washington Examiner's top 10 Political Women on the Move, Newsmax's top 25 Most Influential Republican Women, and among Newsweek's top 10 Leaders of the Christian Right.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Socialists Don't Sleep By Cheryl Chumley



Christians Must Rise or America Will Fall

By Cheryl K. Chumley

 If America is to be free, America Needs Christians to get louder!

In her new book, Socialists Don't Sleep: Christians Must Rise or America Will Fall, a blunt assessment of the deep danger America is facing from the left, award-winning journalist, Washington Times columnist and bestselling author Cheryl K. Chumley exposes all the sneaky ways the secular left has pressed socialism into American politics and life - and why Christians are the only ones who can stop it.

At stake are the freedoms Americans cherish, unless we act now. The great hope for this nation lies in going back to the founding principles of America - Christian principles.

In Socialists Don't Sleep, you'll learn:

·    Socialists have been sneaking their policies into America for decades;

·    The left has been cleverly thrusting America down a socialist path in part by playing with rhetoric - by redefining words, softening language, and this has allowed the goal post of what it means to be an American;

·    Chaos and confusion are keys that open the door to socialists. If they can destabilize society, they can argue big government is necessary to stabilize;

·    The seeds of socialism need to be recognized, then unplanted, before taking root and spreading;

·    Our public education system is in shambles and it's filled with card-carrying, dues-paying, socialist-communist-collectivist supporting members of the DSA; and

·    Christians are especially well placed to fight socialism for many reasons; namely, because A) they understand what the founders understood - that humans are born into sin and need a power higher than government to instill morality and B) they naturally extend the idea that Jesus was no respecter of titles into American society, which emphasizes individuality and presses forward individual rights.

In Socialists Don't Sleep, Chumley takes you through all of the ways that Democrats and the radical left are planting dangerous seeds of socialist principles into our everyday life, including public schools that teach America is not exceptional; politicians who support entitlements, not hard work, to get elected; and a generation raised without God, or with a god that can be whatever is wished at the time.

It's only through God, then - by reeling back the entitlement mindset and insisting on a government that humbly, honestly and properly serves, not regulates and rules - that socialism in America can be defeated. Socialists Don't Sleep lays out the problems and then offers clear guidance for both short- and long-term solutions to rid the country of socialism. And we need to do it quickly, with bold determination and fearless focus. Why? Because socialists don't sleep. Socialists don't quit. Socialists don't abandon the battlefield. We must grab them early and stop their un-Americanism.


"Points out the roots of what's gone wrong in America, how we can get our country back on track to what founders envisioned and the Judeo-Christian community that holds the key to America's long-term successes." - GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE

"Chumley points out we can't root out socialism unless we first address the real problems." - Michael Savage

"Cheryl Chumley reminds us of the founding principles and calls on those who still believe in them to engage the failed policies and ideology of socialism and atheism and to fight back." - Cal Thomas

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cheryl K. Chumley is a commentary writer and the online opinion editor for The Washington Times where she also hosts a podcast, "Bold and Blunt," about politics and culture from a Christian, conservative perspective. Her previous books are The Devil in DC and Police State USA. She is a frequent guest on conservative media and her writing credits include The Blaze, The Washington Examiner, The Heritage Foundation, The Heartland Institute, Lifezette, and more. Chumley is also a U.S. Army veteran and a licensed private investigator.

Monday, September 28, 2020

It's Time to Let America Work Again By Andrew Puzder


It's Time to Let America Work Again
By Andrew F. Puzder

Trump Nominee for Secretary of Labor, Andrew F. Puzder's new Broadside, It's Time to Let America Work Again, tells us that as we begin the process of reopening our economy, it is critical that we get back to work. The economic shutdown was intended to slow the spread of a lethal virus, not to permanently sacrifice our freedoms - and certainly not to expand government power and "fundamentally transform" America.

During the shutdown, we’ve learned what that transformed America would look like, and it is ugly. With millions of people out of work and dependent on government - lacking the dignity of a job, the security of a paycheck, or the opportunity for a better future - depression and despair are creating an "epidemic within the pandemic" of suicides and drug and alcohol addiction.

In It's Time to Let America Work Again, you'll learn:

·    If the government keeps its heavy hand on the economy, we may never fully recover.

·    Don’t forget, unlike the Great Recession, the current economic crisis is not due to speculation or excessive risk taking by businesses, investors, or our financial institutions - but rather a government-driven economic shutdown. The aid it receives is not a bailout. Rather, it is compensation for the government completely taking away its ability to operate.

·    President Trump and Congress's response does not demonstrate the need for big government beyond the crisis.

·    The recipe to restore the best labor market in history is simple: regulatory relief, certainty, and tax policies that allow individuals and businesses to keep most of what they earn.

While there are risks, if we follow safety protocols and protect the vulnerable, we can safely reignite our economy as we undo the lockdown, eliminate policies that discourage work and enact policies that encourage hiring and growth. It’s time to reject the transformation to permanent government dependence and return instead to individual freedom and prosperity.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Andrew F. Puzder is a Senior Fellow at the Pepperdine School of Public Policy. He is the former CEO of CKE Restaurants, Inc. and was President Trump first nominee for Secretary of Labor.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Parkland Shooting Parent Andrew Pollack Launches School Safety Grant Program to Dramatically Improve Emergency Response Times

Parkland Shooting Parent Andrew Pollack Launches School Safety Grant Program to Dramatically Improve Emergency Response Times

Parkland shooting parent and school safety reform advocate Andrew Pollack is launching School Safety Grant, a new organization that awards security technology solutions to school districts, houses of worship, and police departments across America with the objective of reducing response time and saving lives in an emergency.

The first grant recipients, who were featured on Good Morning America today include Coral Springs Police Department, Coconut Creek Police Department, Chabad of Coral Springs, and a local area charter school.

Grants provide security software and implementation
valued at up to $40,000 per location

Administered by a grant selection committee composed of school shooting survivors from Columbine and Santa Fe, parents of students from Parkland and Sandy Hook, law enforcement officers, and career educators, the grant program aims to enhance school security and ultimately save lives through advanced software and connectivity technology that directly links law enforcement with facility security systems. The committee awards grants on a rolling basis.

To apply for a grant, schools, police departments and places of mass gatherings can submit their information for evaluation by the School Safety Grant selection committee. Those awarded a grant are provided with full implementation of ALERT, a software app which reduces response times in an active shooter situation or other emergency while providing law enforcement with actionable intelligence. Implementation through the grant includes installation, training, and perpetual license fees.

The value of each grant, which may range from $20,000 - $40,000 depending on installation needs and the specific software bundled with the ALERT app for each awardee, is based on an independent valuation of the software, implementation and training provided through each award. Schools and mass gathering establishments then pay a small monthly maintenance fee following deployment which allows for ALERT to be constantly upgraded and maintained while being offered to law enforcement entities at no charge.

"School Safety Grant exists to implement technological solutions that accelerate response times in an active shooter situation, providing law enforcement with the actionable intelligence proven to save lives," said Pollack. "Ever since my daughter was murdered, I’ve been looking for common sense, low-cost school safety solutions. After meeting with countless technology innovators and existing manufacturers, I’ve found what I believe to be the best platform for the expansion of security capabilities and connectivity."

The School Safety Grant program is powered by the ALERT (Active Law Enforcement Response Technology) platform that integrates video surveillance systems, access control systems and public announcement systems with local police departments. The platform is designed to be used in conjunction with technology from multiple third-party applications. To learn more, please visit

About School Safety Grant Program: The program is focused on making the latest technologies available to school districts and other organizations throughout the United States. With the support of best of breed, leading school security solutions providers, the program hopes to ensure that facilities have access to practical technology solutions for mitigating violence. Educators, law enforcement and others are encouraged to apply for grants using the online application at

About Andrew Pollack: Andrew Pollack is an entrepreneur, businessman, and Parkland, FL parent. After he suffered the tragic loss of his daughter Meadow in the 2018 attack on the Parkland School, he dedicated his life to making schools safer for students and staff. Andrew founded the non-profit Americans for Children's Lives and School Safety (CLASS) to help victims' families get answers and justice.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Disloyal Opposition By Julie Kelly

How the #NeverTrump Right Tried – and Failed – to Take Down the President
By Julie Kelly
"A bombshell" —Victor Davis Hanson

In her explosive new book, DISLOYAL OPPOSITION: How the NeverTrump Right Tried - And Failed - To Take Down the President, author Julie Kelly takes on the NeverTrump movement in a damning exposé that reveals how these unhinged Beltway "conservatives" sold out rank-and-file Republicans and joined forces with the Democrats, the liberal media, and left-wing billionaires in a cynical effort to bring down the most conservative president since Reagan.

NeverTrumpers are not conservative or even Republicans, writes Kelly. In fact, NeverTrumpers are merely the Democrat Party's useful idiots, advancing each and every one of the Left's false narratives - from Russia-gate to racial politics - in their ploy to remove the president from office and restore themselves from the sidelines to a position of power.

DISLOYAL OPPOSITION is a devastating warning about what is to come in the 2020 presidential election if the "traitorous" NeverTrump movement gets its way. "We are all Democrats now," one prominent NeverTrumper declared in February. Julie Kelly argues they should stay that way.

NeverTrump has become what they claimed to despise about Donald Trump: petty, vengeful, bombastic, reactionary, and abusive. As a result, it is imperative that those associated with NeverTrump never hold a place of influence in the GOP again. 

Here are a few key points Julie Kelly writes about in DISLOYAL OPPOSITION:

·    Led by Bill Kristol, the founder of the now-defunct Weekly Standard, a cabal of one-time Republican Party influencers known as NeverTrump overpopulate cable news and mainstream media in an attempt to create a false impression that rank-and-file Republicans oppose the president.
·    NeverTrump, acting as the Left's useful idiots, exploits every crisis, real and manufactured, as a rallying cry to remove the president from office.
·    NeverTrump celebrated the coronavirus outbreak, defended China's role in the crisis, and advocated for devastating economic lockdowns in the hope that the fallout from this global calamity will preclude Trump's re-election.
·    NeverTrump inflamed racial tensions in America by advancing the incredibly destructive false narrative that Trump and his supporters are "white nationalists" based on their views on illegal immigration.
·    NeverTrump pundits and outlets were the first peddlers of the concocted Trump-Russia election collusion hoax.
·    When congressional Democrats followed up their failed collusion gambit with a preposterous impeachment case based on a phone call with the president of Ukraine, NeverTrump once again sided with Democrats to support Trump's ouster.

"One thing is certain," says Julie Kelly of the coronavirus crisis, "NeverTrump will weaponize every aspect of the chaos, including the number of dead, against Trump. Of all the low points of NeverTrump's crusade against the president, it will be the lowest."

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: JULIE KELLY is a former political consultant in suburban Chicago. She is a senior contributor to American Greatness and has written for The Federalist, National Review, the Hill, and the Wall Street Journal.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

ROGER UP By Brent Magnussen

Brent Magnussen's "ROGER UP"
The Blueprint for Living Life to the Fullest
and Thriving in the Face of Adversity

Former U.S. Army Engineer and author Brent Magnussen has released a powerful new book: ROGER UP: The  Mission Ready Blueprint to Crush the Morning, Own the Day, and Become the Best Version of YOU. This book is for anyone who wants to be pushed, both mentally and physically to become the best version of themselves. What does "Roger Up" mean? Never quit. Overcome adversity. 

How can you learn to "Roger Up?" Not an easy proposition these days. With the pandemic, economic collapse of small businesses, job losses, political division, and racial tension going on, it can be a bit frightening if you are concerned about your safety and financial future. So, how can we rise up from the ashes and be productive and excited about life again? In these uncertain times, we as human beings have the ability to break from the current inertia and steer our ships in a different direction not only for our sanity, but for the sake of our livelihoods and for our families. Now, more than ever, it is imperative to pivot and get creative in order to prevent your ship from sinking. 

ROGER UP is an enthralling action plan for living life to the fullest and rising up stronger and better from adversity. It's a sharp, smart blueprint that gives you an action guide to follow along with the mindset that you must obtain to be able to rise up out of the ashes and succeed. In this book Brent teaches you to:

·    develop a Samurai mindset through a simple and bulletproof morning routine;

·    develop unbreakable confidence through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu;

·    achieve fitness goals with a healthy eating lifestyle and not just another fad diet;

·    speak a new language in 21 days;

·    develop the same deadly skills as Jason Bourne;

·    set and crush personal goals effectively; and

·    live life on your terms.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has turned the whole world upside down. In these difficult times, it may be hard to keep your spirits up - but not impossible; it all depends on what we watch read or listen to. It is important to use this time for personal growth and transformation that will help us to move ahead in life once everything gets back to "normal."

ROGER UP is an action-packed book that will show you how to push your mind and body capabilities to the maximum, in a realistic way. Brent's passion for life, and "been there done that' attitude shines throughout the book, giving readers a practical insight into the simple fundamentals of life that are often overlooked. This book is uplifting, relatable, therapeutic, and everything you need to succeed amid the crisis.

"Brent delivers a battle-ready blueprint for thriving in the face of adversity and backs that up with a proven plan to get into real action. This book is a must-read, and I promise it will change the game for you... but you must step up as well." -- Peter Voogd, international best-selling author of "6 Months to 6 Figures" and founder of The Game Changers Academy

ABOUT AUTHOR: Brent Magnussen is an American author, professional speaker, and a former U.S Army Engineer. He is an adventure seeker, an avid practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, an accomplished cook, a voracious reader, and a Freemason.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Was Jesus a Socialist? By Lawrence W. Reed


Foundation for Economic Education president emeritus Lawrence W. Reed reveals it is pure fantasy to believe that Jesus wanted earthly governments to redistribute wealth, centrally plan the economy, or impose welfare states.

Socialism is making a shocking comeback in America - and so is the idea that "Jesus was a socialist." Everyone from MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell to the Democratic Socialists of America to the Huffington Post is trying to enlist Jesus in their redistribution schemes.

There's only one problem: their claims are completely bogus.

In his new book, Was Jesus a Socialist? economist and historian Lawrence W. Reed demolishes the idea that Jesus called on earthly governments to redistribute wealth or centrally plan the economy - or even to impose a welfare state.

Reed is president emeritus of the Foundation for Economic Education. Was Jesus a Socialist? expands on his immensely popular Prager University video, which has attracted more than 4 million views.

Was Jesus a Socialist? could not be timelier. Consider...

·    More than half of young Americans say they'd rather live in a socialist country than in a capitalist one;

·    In a 2016 Barna Group poll, Americans said that socialism aligns better with Jesus's teachings than capitalism does and that self-proclaimed "democratic socialist" Bernie Sanders aligns closest to Jesus's teachings; and

·    In a 2019 survey, more than 70 percent of millennials said they were likely to vote for a socialist.

Point by point, Reed answers the claims of socialists and progressives who try to enlist Jesus in their causes. As he reveals, nothing in the New Testament supports their contentions. Was Jesus a Socialist? shows:

·    Why it's absurd to believe that the Parable of the Good Samaritan makes the case for government welfare programs and redistribution;

·    What Jesus said - and didn't say - about rich people... and why these teachings are so misunderstood;

·    The real meaning of Jesus's famous line: "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's";

·    Why Winston Churchill was right when he called socialism the "gospel of envy";

·    Why money is NOT the "root of all evil" - and what the New Testament actually says; and

·    How, if anything, Jesus's teachings support free markets and private property over socialism.

"A timely, lively, learned and well-argued masterpiece that deftly demolishes the claims that Jesus was at heart a Marxist. Reed's impressively deep knowledge of economics and the New Testament shines through. Woe to those who try to challenge him on the subject of Jesus's alleged political beliefs!" --Steve Forbes

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lawrence W. Reed is President Emeritus of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE). A former professor of economics, he is the author or editor of several other books, including Excuse Me, Professor: Challenging the Myths of Progressivism and Real Heroes: Inspiring True Stories of Courage, Character, and Conviction. He is a frequent guest on radio and television and an international speaker.