Thursday, November 9, 2017

The False Promise of Big Government By Patrick M. Garry

By Patrick M. Garry

It’s time to change the debate by debunking progressives’ favorite myth about big government

Patrick M. Garry, a law professor and political commentator, explodes this widely accepted myth in his powerful new book, The False Promise of Big Government: How Washington Helps the Rich and Hurts the Poor.

The federal debt recently topped $20 trillion. So much for “the era of big government is over,” a statement famously made by a Democratic president two decades ago. What happened? Why has the crusade against big government failed? Because the advocates of limited government are making the wrong arguments.

Professor Garry shows why, and also reveals the right argument against big government. Progressives have created a massive and intrusive federal government by repeating this mantra: big government is necessary to help the “little guy” - the poor, working class, and middle class. There’s only one problem with progressives’ favorite claim: IT’S A MYTH!

The False Promise of Big Government reveals:

·     How big government hurts the very people it purports to help;
·     How big government is a tool of the elite, helping the rich, powerful, and politically connected;
·     Why America’s four richest counties are all suburbs of Washington, D.C.;
·     How the poor have been trapped in poverty by a federal War on Poverty that has cost THREE TIMES more than all of America's military wars combined
·     Why the two most common arguments against big government - about costs and constitutionality - don’t work;
·     Why big business loves big government and welcomes more federal regulations;
·     How big federal programs like Dodd-Frank and Obamacare spawn industry monopolization that hurts the average person; and
·     Why proponents of limited government aren’t heartless or mean-spirited - in fact, they’re trying to free the poor and vulnerable from government policies that harm them and hold them back.

In just 100 pages, The False Promise of Big Government lays out everything you need to know about why big government fails and how to overcome it at last.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Patrick M. Garry, JD, PhD, is professor of law at the University of South Dakota. He is the award-winning author of several books, including Conservatism Redefined. Garry writes frequently for both popular and scholarly publications and has delivered hundreds of lectures across the country. He has been invited to testify before Congress several times.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Armageddon File By Stephen Coonts

By Stephen Coonts

Was the last election stolen? And if so, who did the stealing... and why? The answer lies in The Armageddon File - the latest book by national bestselling author, master thriller writer Stephen Coonts.

Stephen’s blockbuster bestsellers include The Flight of the Intruder and Libertys Last Stand. Now, at the top of his game in The Armageddon File, a story ripped from the nation’s headlines, Stephen takes a fresh look at the American presidential election system.

In Armageddon, CIA Director Jake Grafton and CIA Agent Tommy Carmellini race to discover who might have attempted - or succeeded - to steal the last presidential election. A string of dead bodies, rigged voting machines, and a conspiracy that seems to lead in divergent directions - from the uppermost reaches of the FBI to foreign powers, from high finance to organized crime - are only part of this gripping story of cross and double-cross that leads to a shattering climax.

Life imitates art and Coonts knows how to tell a story all about the real Electoral system and its profound effects; he knows that voter fraud is alive and well in America; and that courthouse politics has always been played for blood and money in America and political machines ruled some states for generations. In the old days politicians stayed in power by buying votes with whiskey, money, jobs, and illegal access to public assistance. Political machines stuffed ballot boxes in the big cities.

In America today, the cultural and political divide can generally be defined as a split between rural and urban America. In 2016 the press reported that in thirty-seven percent of the precincts in Detroit there were more ballots cast than there were registered voters. Ballot box stuffing, allowing illegal aliens to vote, and the failure to require a photo ID before allowing someone to vote no doubt all played a part. Still, despite the efforts of the Detroit Democrats, and to their horror, Michigan went for the Republican candidate, Donald Trump. What if the efforts of the Detroit Democrats had given the state to Hillary Clinton by one vote?

Coonts says the American election system is a patchwork antique that desperately needs an overhaul, which will probably have to come from the federal level. Requiring photo IDs to register and to vote is a cheap and easy fix that would do much to cure some of the system’s ills. However, politicians who think they benefit from crooked elections have resisted this change with all their might in legislative bodies and federal courts, waving the bloody flag of racial discrimination. [more...]

About the Author: Stephen Coonts is one of America’s greatest thriller writers. A former naval aviator and Vietnam War combat veteran, he is the author of The Flight of the Intruder, The Assassin, The Disciple, Libertys Last Stand, and sixteen national bestsellers. A graduate of West Virginia University and the University of Colorado School of Law, follow Stephen Coonts on Facebook and visit his website at