Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Award-winning talk radio host, Rose Tennent is available for interviews to talk about MADE IN AMERICA 2019, which will come alive at the Indiana Convention Center on October 3rd-6th, 2019. We’ll be hosting over 30,000 people over the 4-day event intent on aligning with the goal of raising the economic importance of American manufacturing. 

CALL Sandy at 516-735-5468 or e-mail Sandy to schedule interviews with radio talk show host and Made in America 2019 representative, Rose Tennent.

There will also be a slate of cutting-edge educational sessions, high-level keynote addresses, and panel discussions featuring manufacturing specialists and professionals from key segments of the manufacturing community. MADE IN AMERICA 2019 will have an audience of consumers, media, industry professionals, government, advocates, all bringing together 800 manufacturers and brands.

Join us in becoming a part of history at this monumental event. We’ll see you at the 2019 Kick-Off Show located at the Indianapolis Convention Center. Enjoy a legendary concert featuring Multi-platinum super duo Big & Rich and a special guest to celebrate American Made! Free for exhibitors and guests! To showcase your American Made brand and party with Big & Rich, inquire here.

"When we choose American-made, something truly wonderful happens. Our communities thrive and flourish, our neighborhoods bustle with commerce, our children dream bigger and bolder, and the bonds of loyalty that unite us as citizens become closer, richer, and deeper than ever before." ~ President Trump

Products made in America are the world standard for quality and showcase the craftsmanship of the most innovative, diverse, highly skilled and dedicated workforce in the world. is inviting conscious consumers from across the nation to join the largest-ever exposition in Indianapolis. This celebratory event is solely focusing on U.S. manufacturing and products made in the U.S.A.

BIO: Rose Tennent has a long track record of being Pro-American, and is a great champion for American business, and Made in America 2019. Rose has been a prominent figure for twenty years as a syndicated conservative political talk show host. She is a frequent guest host for Sean Hannity’s radio show and has been a regular guest on FOX NEWS. Rose is the author of "Thanking Our Soldiers."

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Mortality and Faith By David Horowitz

Mortality and Faith
Reflections on a Journey Through Time
A Political Warrior’s Moving Last Chapter
By David Horowitz

David Horowitz’s Mortality and Faith: Reflections on a Journey through Time brings to completion one of the most remarkable autobiographies of recent decades. The long-awaited sequel to Radical Son, which George Gilder called "The first great American autobiography of his generation," Morality and Faith has been hailed as "a masterpiece of autobiography... a poignantly beautiful testament. 

The story that began with Horowitz's bestselling memoir Radical Son, concludes here with three collected works - The End of Time, A Point in Time, and You’re Going to Be Dead One Day - and ends with a reflective coda, Staying Alive, as Horowitz looks beyond his lifetime of passionate political engagement to take stock of what it means to believe, to doubt, and to face the inevitability of death. His journey has taken him from the restless radicalism of his youth to the mature contentment of a happy warrior who has found a philosophical place of resignation, contemplation, and peace.

Horowitz explores the spiritual life as a skeptic and a seeker. Confronting his own intimations of mortality, he drafts a blueprint for hope. Meditating deeply on the works of Marcus Aurelius, Saul Bellow, Blaise Pascal, and Dostoevsky and mining the wisdom of the Bible, Horowitz writes beautifully about the end of his journey and its ultimate meaning. Even as his memories fade, his body weakens, and his loved ones pass away, he sees a light that obliterates despair and gives him courage. Horowitz takes on his lifetime quest to understand the well-springs of radicalism, including the inspiration for the attackers of 9/11 and the two types of faith that govern all of our historical destines.

"Eloquently written with even more passion and introspection" than Radical Son itself, Mortality and Faith has been called "a big, chewy chomp into life’s big, hard questions: Why are you here? What is 'here' anyway? What happens after we die? How does death affect life?" It is also an intensely personal book with a story of family and love at its center, and is the author’s ongoing encounters with the hazards of age. [more...]

"Beautifully written, unflinching in its contemplation of the abyss, and yet finally hopeful in its acceptance of human finitude." 
-- Literary critic and political liberal Stanley Fish

"A poignant and elegiac reflection on life from a man who bears the burden of unknowing with courage and grace."
-- Andrew Klavan

"I have admired David Horowitz for decades. He has taught me many important lessons. But never have I been so moved by his writing than I am by this profound book."
--Dennis Prager

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: David Horowitz is a bestselling author of political and autobiographical works on life, love, and mortality. His many books include the classic Radical Son, a memoir of his communist childhood, youthful radicalism, and intellectual journey in middle age to the other side of the political spectrum, and numerous works of political analysis, such as Hating Whitey and Other Progressive Causes and Take No Prisoners: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

COMING HOME By Bruce Frohnen

Coming Home: Reclaiming America's Conservative Soul
Co-Authored By Bruce P. Frohnen

In COMING HOME: Reclaiming America's Conservative Soul, Prof. Bruce Frohnen asks where conservatism went wrong. How did we go from the optimism of Ronald Reagan to today's identity politics and hatred of America? 

Americans have been forced from their homes. Their jobs have been outsourced, their neighborhoods torn down to make room for freeways, their churches shuttered or taken over by social justice warriors, and their very families eviscerated by government programs that assume their functions and a hostile elite that deems them oppressive. Conservatives have always defended these elements of a rooted life as crucial to maintaining cultural continuity in the face of changing circumstances. Unfortunately, official “conservatism” has become fixated on abstract claims about freedom and the profits of “creative destruction.”

In COMING HOME, you'll learn...

·    How we can rebuild conservatism and our country.

·    When things began to go wrong in America. Was it the New Deal? Progressivism? The '60s? What changed?

·    What exactly conservatism is. Is it even fair to say that conservatism belongs in an individualistic country like America?

·    What it means to say that Americans are homeless. If we really have lost our history, our traditions, and our sense of place - of hearth and home - how can we possibly rebuild all of that?

Conservatism has never been the only voice in America, but it is the most distinctively American voice, emerging from the customs, norms, and dispositions of its people and grounded in the conviction that the capacity for self-governance provides a distinctly human dignity. Emphasizing the ongoing strength and importance of the conservative tradition, the authors describe our Constitution’s emphasis on maintaining order and balance and protecting the primary institutions of local life. Also important here is an understanding of changes in American demographics, economics, and politics. These changes complicated attempts to address the fundamentally anti-traditional nature of slavery and Jim Crow, the destructive effects of globalism, and the increasing desire to look on the federal government as the guarantor of security and happiness.

To reclaim our home as a people, we must rebuild the natural associations and primary institutions within which we live. This means protecting the fundamental relationships that make up our way of life. From philosophy to home construction, from theology to commerce, from charity to the essentials of household management, our ongoing practices are the source of our knowledge of truth, of one another, and of how we may live well together.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Prof. Bruce P. Frohnen is Professor of Law at Ohio Northern Law. Prior to joining ONU Law in 2008, he served as a legislative aide for a United States senator, as a visiting scholar at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and as secretary and director of program at the Earhart Foundation. He has held visiting posts as Charles Evans Hughes professor of jurisprudence at Colgate University and as Thomas Bahnson and Anne Bassett Stanley professor of ethics and integrity at the Virginia Military Institute.

Friday, May 31, 2019

UNMASKED By Brent Bozell

Big Media’s War Against Trump
By L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham

"You'd better read Unmasked."
— Rush Limbaugh

"Bozell is an indispensable warrior in the cause of liberty and against the arrogant elites in the press."— Mark Levin

In the new book, UNMASKED: Big Media’s War Against Trump, the fake news Trump haters and their agenda are revealed. This is the first book to expose the media’s trail of deception and uncover the truth. Brent Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center, and veteran journalist Tim Graham, the MRC’s Director of Media Analysis, expose the networks, newspapers and journalists feeding the fake news frenzy in this shocking new exposé. The media began by mocking Trump, confident he’d never win. When he proved them wrong, despite their polls and predictions, the mainstream media became crazed, maniacal, unhinged vultures. 

UNMASKED exposes fake news frauds such as…

·    The New York Times’ phony narrative that “phone records and intercepted calls show members of Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian officials in the year before the election.” WRONG!

·    Bloomberg News revealing Special Counsel Robert Mueller “issued a subpoena” to Deutsche Bank personally zeroing in on Trump. FAKE!

·    ABC’s chief investigative reporter, Brian Ross, making a jaw-dropping fake claim that caused the stock market to plummet 300 points!

·    News media outlets insisting 17 intelligence agencies agreed Russia was behind the hack of Democrat e-mails which tried to influence the election. The real number isn’t 17 - not even close!

This blistering account rips the veil of deceit off the fake news media, exposing their fraud. And it proves the media will stop at nothing to tear the president to shreds, labelling him “Hitler,” “terminally insane,” a fascist,” “racist,” “ignoramus,” and a “threat to humankind.”

UNMASKED takes a hard look at how journalists have lost all credibility, spewing hate speech, advocating violence and twisting the truth. You won't believe the shocking revelations, half-baked truths, and egregious lies that should demand apologies when the real facts are laid out.

This is the only heralded account of how once-trusted news organizations have transformed into dangerous propaganda machines set out to destroy a president and his administration... but in the process ended up destroying themselves.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: L. Brent Bozell III is Founder and President of the Media Research Center, and runs the largest media watchdog organization in America, with over 800,000 members nationwide, and over 12 million fans on Facebook. Mr. Bozell is also the founder of ForAmerica, an organization committed to restoring America to its founding principles. Mr. Bozell's bi-weekly column (with Tim Graham, Director of Media Analysis, MRC) is syndicated to over 50 media outlets nationwide. His writings have also appeared in numerous other outlets including the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and USA Today. He is the author of four books, including the national bestseller Collusion. He has been a guest on numerous TV shows, including the O'Reilly Factor, Nightline, The Today Show and Good Morning America, Hannity, Neil Cavuto and Varney & Co.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Khashoggi, Dynasties, and Double Standards By Joseph Duggan

Khashoggi, Dynasties, and Double Standards

A new Broadside pamphlet, Khashoggi, Dynasties, and Double Standards by Saudi Arabia expert, Joseph P. Duggan reveals how, as 2018 ended, an orchestrated propaganda campaign paralyzed U.S. foreign policy. The trigger was the killing in Istanbul of Jamal Khashoggi, a member of Saudi Arabia’s wealthy and politically powerful oligarchy. Mainstream media and misguided, melodramatic politicians hoodwinked millions by portraying Khashoggi as a martyr for press freedom and democracy. The real Khashoggi was nothing of the sort.

In death, Khashoggi became known to millions of consumers of Western mainstream media who had never before heard of the man. He was described as a courageous journalist. He was mourned as a martyred advocate of radical reform in Saudi Arabia. He was hailed as a champion of democracy and human rights as they are proclaimed in the West.

Duggan says, "It seems everybody's in D.C. is talking about Jamal Khashoggi, but I actually talked WITH him. I lived in Saudi Arabia and did writing and public relations for the top executives of Aramco, the Saudi oil company. I met Khashoggi at a conference in Dubai and talked extensively about his work. It's misleading to call him a "journalist." There is no independent journalism in Saudi Arabia or any of the Arab Gulf countries. He was an agent of influence, an intelligence operative, a propagandist for the Saudi government. The last year of his life, he turned away from the Saudi regime and began attacking it, on behalf of Qatar, Turkey, and the Muslim Brotherhood. His murder was horrible; it was a brutal political assassination. But Khashoggi was not a martyr for freedom, democracy, or human rights - he never supported these values or principles." 

The propaganda campaign concerning Khashoggi's murder is very misleading and it undermines truth-based, realistic, U.S. national security policy and foreign relations. The U.S. has to have alliances with regimes that DO NOT share all of our values. That's reality. Saudi Arabia and the UAE are what the great, wise Jeane Kirkpatrick called "traditional autocracies." While some of these allies' practices are repugnant to us Americans, they are still our allies, and we are allied against what Kirkpatrick distinguished as "revolutionary autocracies" - Khomeinist Iran, and the radical movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood, the latter of which gave birth to Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Moralistic Republican senators such as Rubio and Graham are among the worst threats to our national security today because they go against any sense of realism and prudence. For example, on the one hand they want to egg us on to a catastrophic war with Iran, while at the same time they want to impose crippling sanctions against OUR ALLY Saudi Arabia because of the largely phony Khashoggi propaganda campaign. How can we deter Iran if we punish our ally?

President Trump’s efforts to restore realism to foreign policy must contend not only with Democrats but also with naive Republicans who reject the national-interest realism of Jeane Kirkpatrick, author of “Dictatorships and Double Standards.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joseph P. Duggan is the head of C-Suite Strategic Counsel, an international business and public affairs consultancy. He served on the editorial board of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, in the Reagan State Department on the staffs of Ambassadors Jeane Kirkpatrick and Edward Rowny, and as a White House speechwriter for President George H.W. Bush. From 2009 to 2015 he worked in Saudi Arabia as speechwriter for the CEO of Aramco.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Climbing Out of the Wreck By Christine Stein

A Survivor's Tale
By Christine Stein [a pseudonym]
with Foreword by Suzanne Somers

Climbing Out of the Wreck is the story of a courageous young woman who grew up in a home headed by a sexual predator who molested her sister from the age of three, and then raped her when she grew older. Christine’s mother lost her mind when Christine was only fourteen, disappearing until she was a mother herself. Her story recounts the secrets and lies that were designed to protect the darkest family secret of all, which had the effect of making the eight children strangers to each other, and then prisoners of the passions that disordered their lives and set them against each other.

Christine’s story is filled with intense dramas - the horrifying revenge of the chosen son, the struggle between mother and daughter to the edge of the grave, and finally, the saga of Christine’s climb out of the family wreck: how choosing life instead of abortion and the birth of her child provided a new compass; how the family traumas failed to derail her quest to free herself and her new family from the chains of the past. The climax of her tale is a showdown with her siblings set off by the dark revelations of the sister at the center of the family secret. 

In Climbing Out of the Wreck, you'll learn:

·    How an abusive family operates under a web of secrets to cover up the crimes that its members commit - in this case the father’s rape of his daughter and the mother’s collusion... and the toll this takes on individual members who are made to feel guilty every time they tell the truth. For example, the victim in this story took her parents to court where they attacked her as a liar, a drug addict and a party animal.

·    The way the abuses are handed down through the generations

·    How Christine's mother went insane and forced her to be on her own at the age of 14... and how this abandonment was repeated from previous generations.

·    The toll the abuses and lies took on her 7 siblings... how it wrecked their lives.

·    How she rescued herself by deciding to have her child as a single mother and by dedicating her life to seeing that he did not grow up in a home like hers.

This is an inspiring, beautifully told story of individual courage with life lessons for others seeking to break free of similar circumstances.

"Eye-opening, riveting, jaw-dropping, courageous, heartbreaking, infuriating, and ultimately victorious; a significant contribution to the cycle-of-abuse literature." (Kirkus Reviews)

“A survivor’s tale indeed. This was like reading my story. The damage done to children by abuse and alcoholism is lifelong unless you are able to take back your life. The child feels it’s their fault, creating the continual cycle of destruction to prove again and again that you really are the piece of crap you’ve been programmed to believe. Very few find their way out, so deep is the damage. Christine Stein did it. If you’ve lived any version of this life, read this book and you will find hope, help, and inspiration to fix yourself and inherit the life you have always deserved. Her story has meaning. This is a great and important work.” 
—Suzanne Somers, actress and author of "Keeping Secrets"

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Christine Stein is the pseudonym of a photographer who achieved national prominence after creating a charity devoted to horse rescue, eventually named the official charity of the Kentucky Derby. She has been married for twenty-five years and has one son and two grandchildren.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Collapse By Doug Schoen

A World in Crisis and the Urgency of American Leadership

 By Douglas E. Schoen

Collapse: A World in Crisis and the Urgency of American Leadership by Doug Schoen takes stock of a volatile and threatening international environment by looking at some of the underlying causes and flashpoints - the principal one being the failure of institutions and elites to respond to their constituencies and address the problems of our age. This is a problem spanning the increased polarization that bred nationalist and populist movements, the continued failure of Western leaders to come up with effective strategies for combating authoritarian rivals like Russia and China, and the ongoing Islamist threat.

In COLLAPSE, you'll learn that:

·    We are experiencing a global crisis of democracy - not just around the world but also within the United States - due to the failure of institutions, the revolt against elites, and the breakdown of the alliance system that has underpinned world peace for eight decades. Together, these factors threaten not only public confidence, but also governmental functioning, and pose threats to the future of free societies, to the stability of the international system, and to global security. 

·    A series of issues that speak to this crisis of global democracy include the increasing momentum of authoritarian regimes around the world such as North Korea and Russia, the dissolving of government authority in Latin America (namely, Venezuela) and Africa, as well as the political and social divisions that began to explode in the United States during the Obama administration.

·    Any hopes for a more stable international climate can only come to fruition if the U.S. exercises effective, engaged, committed global leadership, or "assertive democratic idealism," by which Schoen means that the U.S. can and should look out for its own interests while continuing to serve as the world’s standard-bearer of democracy and global leader. This involves a renewed commitment to leadership from the U.S. that is informed by an idealistic, moral, yet practical outlook toward the rest of the world. 

·    A large part of the global crisis that we currently face is also rooted in foreign policy failures of the last three administrations. President Trump's "America First" nationalist and isolationist rhetoric and willingness to abandon allies is troubling, and Trump generally lacks a clear vision, concrete policy, and strategic direction for conducting foreign policy. However, there are also deeply problematic issues with the embrace of uncritical internationalism that was, in different ways, the downfall of both President George W. Bush’s and President Barack Obama’s foreign policy. 

In COLLAPSE, Schoen makes clear that the indispensable ingredient for any constructive path forward is effective, engaged, and committed American leadership. This is discussed through the lens of the failed models of President Trump’s two recent predecessors, which reflected, respectively, an uncritical embrace of American power - lacking strategic insight and proportion - and an uncritical abandonment of American leadership that suggested an abject view of the U.S. moral example in the world. Instead, Schoen posits assertive democratic idealism - an embrace of U.S. moral leadership around the world but in ways that remain leavened by realism and a guiding understanding of our national interest. Whether President Trump can deliver on such a vision remains to be seen.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Douglas E. Schoen has been one of the most influential Democratic campaign consultants for more than 30 years. A founding partner and principal strategist for Penn, Schoen & Berland, he is widely recognized as one of the co-inventors of overnight polling. His political clients include former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Governor Evan Bayh of Indiana, and internationally, he has worked for the heads of states of over 15 countries.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Deep State Target By George Papadopoulos

Deep State Target

How I Got Caught in the Crosshairs of the Plot to Bring Down President Trump

By George Papadopoulos

How do you destroy a presidency before it has even started? What if the whole “Russian collusion” idea was the brainchild of a covert network of power - a Deep State - including American and allied intelligence services seeking to cripple the Trump administration in order to prevent any warming of relations between the U.S. and Russia?

Former Trump foreign policy advisor, George Papadopoulos poses - and answers - these questions and more in his explosive new book, Deep State Target: How I Got Caught in the Crosshairs of the Plot to Bring Down President Trump.

In Deep State Target, you'll learn:

·    The terrifying details about Papadopoulos's arrest and interrogation by the FBI and the Mueller team;

·    About the intricate setup at play that landed him in jail;

·    That American and allied intelligence services set out to destroy the Trump presidency before it even started; and

·    How operatives worked to invent a Russian conspiracy designed to damage the Trump administration.

The first casualty of the Mueller probe - the first to plead guilty and to serve a prison sentence - Papadopoulos chronicles his clandestine meetings about Hillary Clinton’s hacked e-mails, his rift with former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, what it was like to be interrogated by Mueller’s team, and how he became, in the words of Republican Congressman Mark Meadows, “the whole reason for the Trump Russia investigation.” 

George Papadopoulos poses and answers these questions and more in Deep State Target:

·    Details every encounter he had with the FBI and CIA during an unprecedented global campaign, including his arrest and interrogation by the FBI and the Mueller team;

·    Recounts his first call with Sam Clovis, head of the Trump Campaign’s foreign policy team, during which Clovis said “We want to improve relations with Russia,” a remark Clovis later denied - and shows how it led to a spiral that put Papadopoulos on the radar of international intelligence;

·    Unmasks a rogues’ gallery of infamous figures employed by agents from the U.S., Britain, and Australia, exposing the tactics and true allegiances of operatives like Joseph Mifsud, Stefan Halper, Charles Tawil, and Sergei Millian, and laying bare their astounding connections to each other; and

·    Shares what really happened with Australian diplomat Andrew Downer, who he met with on May 10, 2016 in London. Did Papadopoulos actually tell him that the Russians had damaging material related to Hillary Clinton?

A book that takes us from a conference room table at the Trump International Hotel to a federal prison in Wisconsin, Deep State Target makes the best case yet that “Russian collusion” is not what it appears to be. This is a shocking account of international spy games and a disturbing eyewitness report on a secret double government - the Deep State - intent on destroying lives and a presidency.

“Revealing. Unfolds like a spy thriller. [An] insider account of a seemingly central piece of the special counsel investigation.” - Publishers Weekly

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: George Papadopoulos is a former adviser to President Trump and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson. A University College London graduate, past Hudson Institute analyst, and career oil, gas and policy consultant. He became the first person to plead guilty in the Mueller Investigation when on October 5, 2017 he conceded that he had lied to the F.B.I. about a conversation with a professor during which he was told that Moscow had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton and “thousands of e-mails,” according to court records. Papadopoulos was sentenced to 14 days in jail, fined $9,500 and ordered to complete 200 hours of community service and one year of probation after serving his sentence. 

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Dark Agenda By David Horowitz

“Read this disturbing but vital book.”
— Tucker Carlson

"Horowitz exposes the intolerance of many atheists toward those who believe in God. As a Jewish agnostic, I think it is imperative that disbelievers not demonize believers and that believers not demonize disbelievers."
— Alan Dershowitz

The War to Destroy Christian America
By David Horowitz
New York Times Bestselling Author

Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America is an extraordinary look into the left’s calculated efforts to create a secular socialist society - and how these efforts must be stopped. Ironically, this war on Christianity is told by a Jewish man, David Horowitz. A New York Times bestselling author and leading conservative thinker, Horowitz warns that the rising attacks on Christians and their beliefs threaten all Americans - including Jews like himself - because they are attacks on the founding principles of America's democracy. He argues the liberal establishment and their radical allies envision a new millennium in which Christianity is banished. He says that Judeo-Christian values are at the very root of America’s democracy. Kill off such values and all of our freedoms could perish.

Horowitz investigates the hate-filled radicals who envision a new millennium in which Christianity is banished. Doing so, he argues, could destroy the very fabric of America’s political order, our culture and our democracy. 

In Dark Agenda, Horowitz examines radical left-wing atheist strategies to reveal shocking results such as:

·    How the left trashes Christian doctrines critical to the American Republic, much like Fundamentalist Islam’s war on “infidel” cultures like ours.

·    Why the left fights to keep prayer and religion out of public schools, and how those efforts fly in the face of Founding Father Thomas Jefferson’s intentions.

·    How fanatical liberals helped create the religious right by frightening and offending Catholics and other religious conservatives.

·    How Barack Obama’s left-wing upbringing and ultra-liberal agenda galvanized the anti-God, anti-religious left.

·    The violent manifesto of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger advocated the use of dynamite to promote “revolutionary solidarity.”

Filled with stories that demonstrate the mind-numbing reasons behind the secular left’s smug disdain for Christianity, Horowitz traces the history of religious liberty from the time the Founding Fathers put aside their own skepticisms about God and religion to write The Declaration of Independence.

He sees the media war on Donald Trump and his “genuine love” for America as a turning point in this battle that has galvanized evangelical Christians and Catholics on one side, and secular humanists on the other.

David Horowitz’s powerful new book brings vital insights into the war against Christianity and names the global radicals, leftist Democrats, and fat cats of Hollywood and Wall Street responsible for it. Finally, a clear and sensible American voice – and a surprising non-Christian one who stands up to the unsavory and twisted rantings of those who want to tear down faith and religion. In Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America, David Horowitz delivers an impassioned plea for the restoration of political and religious sanity in America.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: David Horowitz is a noted conservative commentator and New York Times bestselling author of Radical Son. His recent critically-acclaimed New York Times bestseller, Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America, rocked the foundations of Washington. He is the founder and CEO of the David Horowitz Freedom Center in Los Angeles.

“One of the most intellectually compelling and rational defenses of Christianity’s role in America. A delightfully readable explanation of how Christian principles were the bedrock of the American Revolution, and how the anti-American left has targeted Christians because of that.”
— The Honorable Mike Huckabee