Monday, March 13, 2017

Talk Radio Host Takes on the Left in New Book

Whether you're a conservative wanting to instill good, old-fashioned values in your children, a Christian wanting to preserve your 1st Amendment rights to worship freely, or someone fed up with the politically correct, walk-on-eggshells society that we have become, you'll enjoy talk radio host, Joe Messina's new book, Ramblings of a Right Wing, Bible Thumping, White Guy - a humorous yet serious look at the problems facing America today.

In his new book, Messina takes an honest look at the issues of our day with common sense analysis. It's a light, easy read breakdown of all that's gone on during and after the presidential election. Messina tackles everything from racism to religion, to media bias, to safe spaces, and, yes, even women's issues. If you're not supposed to talk about it in 'polite' circles, you'll likely find it in this book.

In his big Italian family, Messina reflects that the daily conversation always happened around the kitchen table, where they'd mull over the goings on around town and the big news stories around the world. There was an inherent common sense passed down from one generation to the next at those dinnertime discussions that stayed with him all his life.

On his daily radio show, with his unapologetic approach to real world issues, Joe takes on the progressive socialist liberal agenda that promotes an "anything goes" attitude. He believes these liberal principles have been and will continue to ruin this country if we allow them to pervade.

In his new book, Joe Messina asks:

  • Why has the left become so violent and bombastic?
  • Why are the Democrats so out of touch with their own party?
  • Why do some people see nationalism as a threat to our freedom?
  • Why do the very people who say they want fair and equal education for everyone
    seem to get in the way of fair and equal education for those who need it most?
  • Why have U.S. college campuses become leftist propaganda cesspools?
  • How PC (political correctness) and the PC police are destroying free speech.

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