Monday, September 8, 2014

Renewing America and its Heritage of Freedom By Gerard Lameiro, Ph.D.

Renewing America and its Heritage of Freedom
What Freedom-Loving Americans Can Do to Help
By Gerard Lameiro, Ph.D.

Author, philosopher and economist, Dr. Gerard Lameiro, answers the really important questions facing America today in his powerful new book, Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom: What Freedom-Loving Americans Can Do to Help. In his new research, he sought to find out how America has been sliding into a sinkhole of moral, political and economic turmoil and near-bankruptcy and, more importantly, how we can fix this terrible mess for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

America is now entering the 2014 Congressional elections in a state of anxiety, confusion, apprehension and insecurity. We're faced with terrible problems on a local and national scale - racial rioting in Ferguson, Missouri; illegal immigrants flooding across our unprotected borders by the hundreds of thousands; the Fast and Furious program that put weapons in the hands of narco-terrorists which lingers in our memories; the Ebola virus on the horizon apparently spilling into our nation; the shameful care and many deaths among our loyal veterans at the VA; the yet to be resolved Benghazi fiasco; and our military forces dissipated around the world, as our foreign policy is shattered across the globe.

American citizens are becoming more and more disillusioned by a corrupt government as they witness the political targeting of conservative groups at the IRS, ObamaCare in a state of utter upheaval, religious liberty threatened for the first time in American history, the national debt skyrocketing past $17 trillion and going higher, and, of course, the breakdown in the rule of law and widespread lawlessness as many of our Constitutional liberties are trampled on daily.

But there is hope on the horizon. Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedomis possibly the most important and comprehensive book ever written on America's heritage of freedom. It starts by recognizing God as the author of liberty and builds a substantial and solid moral case for freedom. It shows clearly and concisely how truth, human dignity and morality are inextricably linked to freedom. It presents the architecture of freedom, and wholeheartedly celebrates American exceptionalism.

In Renewing America, Dr. Lameiro explains:
  • The 25 essential components of freedom necessary to maintain a free nation, including:
    • the 5 components of religious freedom,
    • the 7 components of political freedom,
    • the 10 components of economic freedom, and
    • the 3 components of the freedom of living.
  • How America is losing freedom, highlighting key laws, Supreme Court cases, monetary and fiscal policies and the avalanche of rules and regulations that have played a part in chiseling away at Americans' freedom.
  • A new vision and strategy to renew America and its heritage of freedom, including:
    • 5 strategic goals,
    • 7 tactics to help make a major difference for the future of America, and
    • 5 actions freedom-loving Americans can take to help.

In Renewing America, you'll find the answer to the basic question: "What can I do to help America?" It should be read by citizens all across America and shared with family, friends, church and synagogue members, as well as colleagues in the workplace. It is an antidote for frustrated and depressed Americans who are beginning to succumb to the onslaught of progressive socialists and power grabbers. Dr. Lameiro tackles these challenges head-on. He doesn't sugarcoat his solutions; he takes on the issues directly with strength and courage. His well thought out plan for America inspires enthusiasm, energy and empowerment for Americans not felt since President Ronald Reagan was in office.

About the Author: Gerard Francis Lameiro Ph.D. is a philosopher, economist, and an expert in economic growth and computer modeling. He is the author of America's Economic War and Choosing the Good Life.Dr.  Lameiro was the Founder and CEO of Lameiro Economics LLC, a company focused on bringing practical economic knowledge about freedom, economic growth and prosperity to America and to the world.  He was also a member of Hewlett-Packard's Strategy and Corporate Development team. Dr. Lameiro is a frequent and popular guest on talk radio all over America.

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